Monday, October 30, 2006

ανάμεσα στο φως και τη σκιά

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ο καταλάνος κύριος Ferrater




At 10/31/2006, Blogger mave said...

very interesting o κος Ferrater... είναι και καταλανος οπότε ένας λόγος παραπάνω να τον ψάξω....thanks!

At 11/01/2006, Blogger zenovia said...

eida tin suntomi ekthesi tou sto iit to septemvrio kai entuposiastika...
apo ti douleia kai tin erevna.
lene oti i dialexi itan polu endiaferousa alla dustuxos tin exasa kai perimeno ton rich na etoimasei to dvd... prin anevaso ena post.
efxaristo gia tis foto, i mia mou einai xrisimi simera!!!

At 11/01/2006, Blogger evee said...

de nada

At 11/04/2006, Blogger dean said...


i always enjoy architectural photographs having had a career for several years as an architectural photographer. it fascinates me to see the angles and how buildings are respresented (usually out of context, as personal monuments...but as you often say, that's another story).

i wanted to attached these two URLs in my last post but they fit better under this heading.

living in utah is sort of like living in the architectural wasteland...maybe like living in belarus or someplace. truly there is not one architecturally interesting building in the state...EXCEPT...for a 3-year city library in Salt Lake that almost transcends world's very incongruous to have such a gem in the middle of nowhere...

i'm attaching the library's URL and the architect's URL.

The building is 5 floors of glass with no interior walls except for staff offices. i teach classes in the children's library (pic 8 in the architects website). it has a roof garden, glass elevators, a hiking ramp to a formal garden, a slanting wall...i think you would like all of its features. the building creates such an "environment" that it is hard to capture its essence in photographs.



(go to "projects", "project type", "cultural", "salt lake city"

At 11/05/2006, Blogger evee said...



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